Android Kitkat 4.4.4 on the HP Touchpad

Some time ago in the HP firesale I purchased a 32GB HP Touchpad.


I liked WebOS and had no issues using it however after migrating from an iPhone to a android powered phone (Something I feel was definitely an upgrade) I was delighted to see that some clever people had ported Android to the Touchpad.

In it’s initial incarnation it was a modified version of CyanogenMod 8 and later CyanogenMod 9. There was always something that did not work perfectly such as bluetooth sometimes dropping out or the camera not always working but for a internet and mail surfing tablet it was excellent.

Well those clever chaps (mainly JC Sullins) have been working tirelessly and have ported kitKat 4.4.4 to the HP Touchpad.

HP Touchpad Running Android 4.4.4

HP Touchpad Running Android 4.4.4

Unlike the previous port that sat side by side to WebOS and allowed you to dual boot the new installer allows you to completely uninstall WebOS and have all that lovely memory partitioned for Android usage.

This is important for a number of reasons but the main one is the ability to install more and now slow down.

I will not go into writing install instructions here as the amazing people at liliputing have done a great article already that can be located here.

Installation is easier then ever in that you don’t have to install much on your PC or have much of a technical background. Just click and wait. Yes there are a few downloads to perform but thats about it. The trick is a new client side tool called TPToolbox. This will replace existing installs or reformat the Touchpad completely ready fro a new OS install.

Worried about stability?

Don’t be. It’s as stable as any Ipad or android tablet I’ve used and seems to being a whole new life to my Touchpad. Yes the hardware is getting a little old now but the Touchpad is still higher specified than some of the chinese imports or lower end of the market and is by no means a slouch.

It’s so good I have purchased an additional second hand additional unit for my kids to use.



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