Slimming World – Aromatic Chicken Noodles – Review

Here is a review of the Aromatic Chicken Noodles frozen ready meal. This is part of the Slimming world Frozen meal selection available exclusively from Iceland. In slimming world speak all the ingredients are categorized as ‘free foods’.

Slimming world packaging

So where to start? Upon sliding off the cardboard packaging I was surprised to see a fresh looking meal.  Not sure what I was expecting but this was not it. A frozen meal should not look this clean. Ingredients were separate, look to have been added with care and looked crisp.

The packaging is unusual in that it includes a recipe to cook the meal from scratch yourself. so may be worth keeping if you like it and want to make it from fresh ingredients in future.

Froken packaging contents.

Packaging was pierced, placed on a baking tray and inserted into a 180 degree oven for 30 minutes, stirred and reinserted for another 15 mins.

Meal prior to stirring

Prior to stirring (above), the ingredients still looked surprisingly fresh and colorful. After stirring and the remainder of the cooking (below) the food looked a little more ‘messy’.

Meal after cooking

The proof is in the eating. Overall the meal was quite nice, not wonderful but nice. The lumps of chicken were much larger than expected and plentiful. They did not taste any different from fresh cooked chicken. The broccoli was the most surprising item. It tasted fresh, as if it was recently stir fried. The noodles were probably the most disappointing aspect and reminded me a little of tinned spaghetti. This may sound a little harsh but it’s the closest way I could describe it.


Overall I’d say that the meal was far better than I was expecting. I purchased two and will happily eat the second but after this I would not intentionally buy another of this flavour as there are better ones in the range. It was a convenient meal and if you are used to buying ready meals it would be a good one.

Slimming World Aromatic Chicken Noodles – Nutrition

Disclaimer: The opinions contained in this review are my own. I have no affiliation or private/commercial arrangement with Slimming World, Iceland or any other company or product I review on this site.
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