Slimming World – Thai Green Chicken Curry – Review

Recently I started to review Slimming World frozen ready meals that are exclusive to Iceland in the UK. These form part of the ‘free food’ range where all ingredients are considered free and you can eat as much as you like.

I recently reviewed the Aromatic Chicken Noodles and whilst it was a nice enough meal it did not impress enough that I would come back for repeat purchases. Lets move onto something more exotic.

Thai Green Chicken Curry Packaging

Like all Slimming world frozen products the packaging is well designed and comes with the instructions on the reverse so that if you like it you can make your own using fresh ingredients.  I like this aspect.


Frozen cooked Green Thai Curry

Upon sliding off the cover you are presented with the meal itself. You can clearly see that ingredients are cut into large pieces and look to have been frozen when fresh.

It does not look that appetizing at the moment. Perhaps cooked it will look better.


Instructions say to  throw it in the oven at 180 degrees centigrade for 30 mins and then stir before cooking again for another 10 mins.

Green Thai Chicken Curry Pre-Stir

After 30 mins before stirring

At this point the smell is exactly what you would expect from a Thai curry, slight hints of lemongrass and bamboo shoots.

What I was not expecting is that the fresh cut ingredients still had some crispness in them. Not at all what you expect from a typical frozen meal that some manufacturers produce. The chicken chunks looked quite large and plentiful. No skimping here.


Thai curry consistency means that you will need an accompanying side dish. Sticky rice is the traditional partner however all I had to hand was Tilda Basmati so this was used.

Green Thai Chicken Curry - Stirred

Stirred and ready for another 10 mins in oven

The dish once cooked and looked surprisingly like the picture on the packaging.

Flavour wise this really hits the mark. It tasks very nice. Has good textures with the lemongrass and bamboo shoots still being obviously present. The chicken was succulent and plentiful. After eating I was full and did not need further food.

It really does need the rice to soak up some of the sauce. Something that other Thai curry makers deal with by making the sauce thicker. With the natural ‘free food’ ingredients of this it’s just not possible. A compromise that I’m willing to take.

I judge ready meals on whether I would buy it again. The answer here is an absolute yes. It’s not the best Green Thai curry ready meal I have tasted by far.  It’s not Waitrose by a mile but that’s not the point of this. This is a meal that has perfectly acceptable flavours, is very convenient to cook and has little or no fats. As part of a weight loss program this is a perfect partner.

Green Thai Curry - Nutrition

Green Thai Curry – Nutrition


Disclaimer: The opinions contained in this review are my own. I have no affiliation or private/commercial arrangement with Slimming World, Iceland or any other company or product I review on this site.
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