Thunder Tiger Sparrowhawk XT

Thunder Tiger SparrowHawk XT.

A recent purchase of mine thats progressing into a really nice runner.

This car was originally a Tomahawk nitro model. The previous owner had issues keeping it running on nitro and converted it into a sparrowhawk using all original parts.
The conversion cost over £120.

Specifications as purchased.

  • SparrowHawk Chassis and running gear 
  • Dynamite C4 4600Kv brushless motor with dual fan heatsink
  • ACE RC 1903MG servo
  • Proline Gladiator tyres with plenty of meat left
  • Nylon wing (and lexan as well)
  • 2 spare TTR wheels and 3 x generic tyres (Traxxas Gemini clones)
  • Some spares inc springs for the shocks for tuning
  • Alu shocks to replace the stock plastic units
  • Unfitted du-bro body clip retainers
  • Two Demon Power 5000MAh 2s 20c Lipo Batteries
  • ABEC35 bearings throuout.

I got all this for £80 As you can see if came with no ESC.

I’ve installed a HSP 80Amp Brushless ESC. This is ideally designed for 8th scale cars so it should be fine for this one. I’ve added a fan to the esc and it seems very cool even on a long run.

The only problem with the HSP ESC is as it’s designed for a 8th scale car it’s rather big. As such it cannot be placed low down on the chassis so this will affect the center of gravity. It also looks a little pants with the cover off.

I don’t use the lipos that came with it as to be honest the C rating is just not enough. I run it with 2x 5200MAh 20c batteries in a 2S2P setup giving close to 40c. They are thin batteries and the chassis has some rails on it making it ideal for these to slot right in.

The batteries are eBay cheapo’s but they work really well in this car. The brand is Winforce and they cost about £12 each including delivery from Hong Kong. Eventually I’ll get high power 3s battery or two to run in it but I’ll have to do some measuring first to make sure they will fit. 3s gives you about 30% more speed and is well worth it if you can afford it.

The car runs really well. In it’s current form it either has toe in or toe out as it does not have adjustable turnbuckles. I’ll measure these soon and get them on order as this combined with the high center of gravity gives a little to much understeer for my liking.

It’s not a great deal but easily fixed so why not?

I found when testing the car that the steering was just not as responsive as I’d like. Some of it will be down to the understeer but I also noticed that the steering servo was just not as quick as I’d like whilst the car was st rest. It seemed to struggle a little. To fix this I purchased a TowerPro MG946R High Torque metal geared Servo with a 0.2/sec rotation speed. This cost me £8.11 from Giant Cod. This has fixed the issue and the car is much smoother than with the ACE.

The previous seller placed a video on YouTube for this car in action. Here it is.

I’ll post about this again in the future.

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